Tonik Energy

Launching B2B energy proposition

Tonik Energy is a renewable energy company providing an alternative to the established energy providers – or “Big Six”. Tonik Energy believes in creating the easiest pathways for homes and businesses to access renewable energy.  By accelerating the uptake of microgeneration, battery storage and electric vehicle charging, infrastructure, Tonik Energy is on a mission to reduce the cost of energy to people and the planet.

Brief to CubanEight

Tonik Energy appointed CubanEight to support the launch of its B2B proposition and to drive a B2C campaign in support of customer acquisition and establishing Tonik Energy’s UK market positioning.

The initial focus of the campaign was to establish Tonik Energy within the trade press. This involved strategic positioning to identify Tonik Energy’s target verticals and audiences, and profiling key decisionmakers to ensure resonance with decision makers in key vertical sectors.

Tactics / Activity

CubanEight established Tonik Energy within key B2B media through the strategic placement of thought leadership articles which spoke to decision makers’ pain points. This initial share of voice was maintained and built upon with regular opinion articles in top-tier media, such as Fleet News and Open Access Government, supporting Tonik Energy’s B2B proposition.

Thought leadership drew upon the fact that the UK is on a mission to Net Zero emissions and the volume of electric vehicles (EVs) on the UK’s roads is growing exponentially. Businesses of all shapes and sizes therefore need to think carefully about how they accommodate an influx of EV on their premises – whether it is customers needing to charge up or a company’s own workforce that needs access to charging facilities during working hours.

Another key message that Tonik Energy needed to convey was that renewable sources of energy will be critical to meeting the demand for EV charging, and businesses have the opportunity to update their infrastructure in a way which is sustainable, future proof and cost-effective.

Reactive commentary was central to establishing the Tonik Energy team as experts in their field. Major news announcements such as the Bristol diesel ban and the government’s Spring Budget 2020 were leveraged by the CubanEight team to place Tonik Energy’s senior spokespeople at the centre of wider industry conversations – securing media coverage across national and trade media including Daily Express and Smart Energy International.

Campaign outcomes

  • 144m reached
  • Key vertical coverage in titles such as Energy Manager Magazine, Fleet News, Retail Destination, Open Access Government.