zeb is one of the leading financial management consultancies in Europe. Specialising in the financial services sector, zeb works with the top ten banks worldwide, providing a 360┬░ array of services, ranging from strategy development and corporate management to human capital and IT.

Brief to CubanEight

Our PR objectives were to:

  • Raise awareness of zeb’s launch in the UK.
  • Positioning zeb as an authoritative voice within the finance sector.
  • Instigating relationships with influential financial sector journalists.
  • Achieve press coverage in top tier titles following the event.


In order to position zeb as a thought leader within the financial sector, CubanEight personally invited top-tier press contacts to the launch event, which took place at Pewterers’ Hall in the heart of London’s financial district. The primary hook was the keynote speech from the renowned Dr Andreas Dombret, a member of the Executive Board of the Deutsche Bundesbank and one of the most respected figures in the banking and finance industry. His speech focussed on the German view of Brexit and offered the media a unique and alternative viewpoint to the UK perspective. Associating zeb with Dr Dombret and his alternative viewpoint of this financial issue firmly established it as an authoritative figure within the industry.


  • Pre-event: Ahead of the launch, CubanEight worked with zeb to identify top tier targets in relation to its objectives. The team then personally called each journalist to invite them along to the event, offering briefings with Dr Dombret and the zeb partners.
  • ┬áDuring the event: CubanEight attended the event in order to deliver briefing packs to each zeb partner ahead of media briefings. The team then managed the briefings to ensure zeb was mentioned in all subsequent coverage.
  • Post-event: In addition to follow-up conversations with key media, a press release was issued to emphasise key take-aways from the event. This was also distributed amongst a broader network of journalists.

Campaign outcomes

  • 10 journalists attended from the likes of Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, Reuters, The Times and the FT.
  • The campaign generated 21 pieces of coverage.
  • 760,000 online views and over 1,000 social shares.
  • The launch successfully raised awareness of zeb’s presence in the UK and helped to position the consultancy as a credible expert within the financial sector in the eyes of leading national journalists, paving the way for an ongoing UK PR programme, which we are now delivering.