Launching a new authoritative voice in financial consultancy

One of the leading management consultancies in Europe, zeb specialises in the financial services sector, working with the world’s top ten investment banks.

As part of its launch into the UK, zeb wanted to raise awareness of its services, and position itself as an expert voice in the financial sector.

To launch itself in the UK financial sector, zeb organised an event which involved a keynote speech from Dr Andreas Dombret, a member of the Executive Board of the Deutsche Bundesbank and one of the most respected figures in the banking and finance industry. The speech focussed on the German view of Brexit. With Brexit high on the news agenda in the UK, CubanEight invited key national and banking media to the event, offering them a unique and alternative viewpoint to the UK perspective.

The event proved to be hugely successful in instigating relationships with national and trade finance journalists to lay the foundations for future coverage. It was attended by 10 journalists including Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, Reuters, The Times and The FT. Over 20 pieces of coverage were secured, with 760,000 online views and over 1,000 social shares.

Following the launch, CubanEight capitalised on interest from the event with an ongoing PR programme to build zeb’s expert positioning in the UK. This has been fuelled by securing placement of thought leadership articles within key finance publications along with a spike of activity to support the launch of zeb’s annual banking report, which analyses major issues within the sector, and how banks can move forward.

PR activity surrounding the report was proven to be directly responsible for driving enquiries to zeb, including one from the European Central Bank.