Annabel Parkinson

What is your proudest PR achievement?

Scoring the front page of Times2 for the Direct Selling Association plus a double page spread inside on the rise of men turning to direct selling.

Tell us about a few campaigns or projects you are currently working on

I worked with content discovery platform Outbrain for four years, and am constantly impressed by the innovation in this space. For Renaissance Learning we are working to promote the power of personalised learning software for children, and we’ve just recently started working with the Direct Selling Association of Ireland which is an exciting new project for me.

Favourite blog at the moment?

Pinterest has helped me discover the wonderful world of American fashion bloggers and the concept of wardrobe remixing so I am currently enjoying blogs like Kendi Everyday.

Favourite magazine or newspaper?

The Guardian for news and lifestyle, and, not strictly a magazine, but I also love Emerald Street for a daily fix of beauty and culture.

Strangest experience you’ve had working in PR?

Probably spending a morning wearing a pantomime goat costume in central Leeds to help promote Oxfam Unwrapped, or conducting a photo call for the same client involving said goat costume plus Paul Daniels and Debbie Magee!

What’s your hidden talent?

I make a mean Thai Green curry and am currently perfecting home-made calamari.

Where are we likely to find you after work?

Either at the gym, or I have recently got hugely into watching box sets (Danish political drama Borgen is my current favourite). I like to think it’s evenly spread, but it’s probably more frequently the latter!

If I didn’t work in PR I would…

I like to think I would be doing something food related – either making it or writing about it.