Digital and social

It’s vital to engage with your audience however they choose to obtain their information – whether it’s via Twitter, forums, social networks or blogs.

Increasingly, traditional media relations need to work in tandem with a robust approach in the social and digital media space to maximise the effectiveness of your PR campaign.

Here at CubanEight we tend to recommend that digital and social strands to campaigns are just that – i.e. fully integrated into the broader PR campaign and underpinned by a consistent strategy and consistent messages.

From the very start of our work with you, we will include digital and social media contacts alongside traditional journalists in the media list element of the PR toolkit we will put together for you. This might include the top 20 bloggers we think you need to be in contact with, the top 10 LinkedIn groups you need to monitor and join in with, or the most influential Twitter users for your brand.

From there, we’ll work with you to provide recommendations on the best way of interacting with digital and social contacts compared to more traditional media contacts – although bear in mind that these days there’s often a lot of crossover between the two.

Content is often at the heart of a good digital and social media strategy, and developing a solid portfolio of content such as case studies and thought leadership articles is a great starting point to whet the appetites of your digital and social targets.

For examples of our digital and social media work see our work for Oxfam Unwrapped.