Issues and crisis management

All organisations are likely to face issues or crises at one time or another, and their mountain or molehill status can be greatly influenced by how you choose to deal with them and how well prepared you are.

An effective issues and crisis management strategy is vital in protecting corporate reputation and brand value alongside any wider positive and proactive PR campaign.

Where appropriate, we can work with you to identify potential issues in advance, and provide recommendations on how best to tackle issues and crisis management should they arise. After conducting a scoping exercise to examine where issues and crises may affect your organisation, we will provide you with a report which outlines where we believe any vulnerabilities lie and a recommend plan of action should for handling such issues if they arise. The plan would also include practical template documents for e.g. sign-off procedures to approve any crisis or issues management content, emergency contact procedures etc.

That’s the ideal. However, there are always occasions when it’s simply too late for that, and if that happens to your organisation, another level of help we provide is far more reactive, with our senior team parachuting in to help at short notice and get to grips with the issue as an extension of your internal team. Used to dealing with C-level staff, we can help guide your response strategy and, if appropriate, act as the primary point of coordination, supported by a press office team to effectively manage any inbound media enquiries and report up to you at an appropriate level.