Media Relations

One of the most fundamental PR tools, media relations is a powerful way to reach your target audience in an effective manner. The team at CubanEight have a real depth of media knowledge across a range of industry sectors and media groups due to the range of clients and industries we work across.

Using a combination of proactive and reactive techniques, CubanEight can help develop your business’ relationships with the media to make a real difference to the way your organisation is perceived and covered across print and broadcast channels, whether it’s the Financial Times, ITV News, BBC Breakfast, Marie Claire or Utility Week.

Whether you’re starting from scratch and want to introduce your company, service or product to the media to reach end users and key influencers, or simply looking to boost the level of exposure your organisation is getting in the media, CubanEight can help.

Our relationships with individual journalists mean that we know who you need to be speaking to, when, and what it is about your business will prompt the type of interest that will lead to coverage that will generate impactful results for your organisation.

From the daily newspaper meetings we hold as a team first thing in the morning to the journalist request services  we subscribe to which alert us to new features and articles being written by the media throughout the day, media relations is at the heart of CubanEight’s business.

The impact of media relations can be measured in a variety of ways – for example we have evaluated the success of such campaigns through tracking the impact individual pieces of media coverage have had on clients’ web traffic.

We have a wide scope of media contacts across sectors including  national media groups, technology, utilities, consumer, beauty and lifestyle, automotive, business, personal finance and mobile media outlets.

For examples of our media relations work see our work with First Utility and The DSA